The technology of facial recognition has many applications across a variety of industries. Do casinos have facial recognition on the premises?

Here is a detailed explanation of facial recognition on the gambling floor.


As the name suggests, facial identification technology can identify someone by a photo or video of their face. The software can run facial recognition through a database or document.

The software’s second function is activated when a match occurs. It can alert managers to a particular individual on the premises. Modern facial recognition software can be used as a PIN or fingerprint to verify a user. This application can be used to unlock devices or phones.

How do computers or other devices recognize faces? It creates a map of the face that includes your ears, nose, cheeks, chin, and cheeks. The shape of your lips and nose is also taken. This geometrical map can be converted into machine language to activate or toggle specific program parts.

Remember that AI is the one responsible for the facial characterization of all individuals. Your face is capable of more than 1,000 different expressions. A regular program would only capture one word if it were to capture the look. This limitation renders the technology ineffective, as it can’t create a database that allows specific individuals to be marked.

Face recognition software that uses AI or machine learning can use various filters to convert a face into different expressions. Machine learning allows the “human face” to be captured and turned into valuable data. AI also makes it possible to accurately and quickly identify individuals in a crowd using facial recognition.

After a face is converted to data, it’s stored in a database that can be accessed by different facial recognition software. When a front enters the field of view of a surveillance system or device with an integrated camera, it is constantly matched. Cameras record faces in real-time.


Face recognition is how a casino surveillance system finds criminals and banned guests. Each casino security team gets information about all criminals directly from local or federal authorities. Face recognition surveillance allows casino security to alert local authorities or personnel if any known cheats or dangerous individuals are walking into the casino.

In addition to identifying criminals, the casino facial recognition software is also used to identify potential cheaters by tracking players’ gambling patterns. Machine learning runs a series of pattern recognition algorithms to determine if the player is collaborating with a dealer.

Face recognition can also be used to catch blackjack card counters, who set their wagers in a certain way. This is made possible by other measures, such as RFID chips that track money.


Casinos can also use machine learning to identify VIPs and high-rollers. Casino managers reward these players with various bonuses, such as coupons for a sporting event, cashing out checks, or free entry to an attraction.

Face recognition software can help management build loyalty in their high-rollers. These comps encourage players to stay at the casino and not consider going elsewhere. The casino uses this method to make money.

Facial recognition can also be used to identify individuals displaying gambling problem symptoms. They are usually people with troubled personal life, which is what makes them gamble. The managers want to stop gambling addicts from spending their money or taking out large loans in their establishments, which could lead to bad publicity. These individuals can be identified on the floor using facial recognition and machine-learning technology. Staff will then determine whether they need to self-exclude.

Face recognition is a critical component of marketing and security in physical casinos, allowing them to identify influential individuals. The accuracy and speed with which AI technology creates a database to make a match and makes a game improves each year.

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